St Ambrose Parish is responsible for St Mary’s (a.k.a. J. A. Watterson) Cemetery which is located at:
     140 Orchard Drive (Township Road 502)
     Little Hocking, OH 45742
     GPS coordinates:  N 39 o 16.388’      W 081 o 41.321’

The cemetery was opened in 1883. As with many old cemeteries, records are incomplete.

The cemetery committee formed in 2011 is working to maintain the cemetery, to reconstruct as much as possible records of past burials and deeds, and to maintain accurate records going forward. A new grid system was defined for the cemetery that makes identifying grave locations more accurate. New deeds were issued to replace those issued under the old system.

The cemetery committee members are Barbara Rhodes, Bryan Hayes, Charlie Wilsbacher, and Scott Neil.

For more information or to purchase an interment deed, contact the Parish Secretary at: 740-423-7422 during regular office hours (M-W, F 10 am to 1 pm).

If there is an urgent need to contact the cemetery committee to mark a grave for an imminent burial, contact one of the following:
  • Rod Rauch: Home 740-989-0169 / Cell 740-277-3350.